Massage Treatments

Relaxing massage:

Full or part body massage that focuses on providing clients with relaxation and a sense of calm. Uses repetitive, light strokes. The client is covered at all times and only the area being worked on is exposed. Fully clothed massage can also be offered.

Deep tissue Massage:

This uses slower, more targeted strokes. Focuses on the muscle fibres and the tissue (fascia) surrounding them. Using a combination of various techniques, pressure is adjusted depending on; the muscles being targeted and how tense the area is. The overall aim of this massage treatment is to improve the function of the muscles by reducing knots,adhesions or tension restricting their movements.

On-site chair massage:

Sitting on a chair with the face resting on top of the chair. Using a range of efficient strokes on the client’s head, neck, shoulders and back. A short massage that focuses efficiently on the muscle areas that are in need of attention. This massage aims to create an environment of calm or refocus.